Forex Brokers: Saxo Capital Markets Review

Denmark’s Saxo Bank Group (Saxo Bank), established in 1992, characterizes itself as “a main Fintech expert zeroed in on multi-resource exchanging and venture and conveying ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to discount customers.” The organization accepted the innovative headways of the last part of the 90’s in dispatching one of the primary web based exchanging stages 1998. Saxo Bank has worked in the United Kingdom beginning around 2006 through its auxiliary Saxo Capital Markets U.K. Ltd (SCML) and, in the same way as other forex intermediaries, it doesn’t acknowledge U.S. merchants.

Saxo’s leader stage is SaxoTraderPRO, a downloadable contribution that is great for cutting edge brokers. SaxoTraderGO, its online stage that comes outfitted with useful exchanging highlights and an easy to use interface, and a utilitarian versatile application, balance its exclusive interfaces. Furthermore, Saxo offers admittance to outsider devices that can upgrade the exchanging experience and APIs that the customer can use to construct tailor made applications. A central issue to note is that MT4, the consistently present, white-named interface that is important for virtually every forex intermediary’s foundation suite, isn’t presented by Saxo Capital Markets.

An amazing item inventory incorporates forex, shares, wares, lists, choices, securities, and fates, which would all be able to be traded short through CFDs, forward agreements, or potentially direct possession. Dissimilar to a portion of its rivals, Saxo’s spread wagering offering is simply accessible to clients that qualify as “proficient customers.” FX spreads are very serious across all retail account levels (Classic, Platinum, VIP).

Investopedia’s positioning calculation considered in this current intermediary’s broad item list, progressed UIs, and its unrivaled examination contributions in perceiving Saxo Capital Markets as the Best Forex Broker for Advanced Traders in 2020.

Key Takeaways

  • Evaluated our Best Forex Broker for Advanced Traders.
  • Saxo Capital Markets offers dealers a wide scope of contributions, progressed UIs, and predominant examination conveniences.
  • Generally high record essentials, restricted help choices, and higher-than-normal main concern exchanging costs make Saxo not great for the more modest, lower-talented merchant.

Who Saxo Capital Markets Is For

Saxo Capital Markets is for the high level merchant. It offers an expansive assortment of financier administrations outfitted towards complex dynamic merchants, financial backers, experts, and establishments. More modest record holders will experience various uncommon impediments that incorporate higher record essentials, an assortment of charges, and less client assistance choices. Layered records lower exchanging expenses and add benefits as value develops, yet most of retail merchants will make some extreme memories arriving at the higher client levels which, for U.K. based records, start at £200,000 (Platinum) and £1,000,000 (VIP).


  • Broad scope of contributions
  • Controlled by FCA (U.K.)
  • Industry’s best exploration
  • Prevalent UI
  • Offers insurance for customer accounts


  • Absence of accentuation on client care
  • Confounding instrument expense structures
  • Doesn’t acknowledge U.S. customers
  • No MT4

Experts Explained

  • Saxo Capital Markets offers customers admittance to a broad scope of contributions, contained both utilized and speculation items, that traverses a huge number of resource classes. Customers approach forex, shares, ETFs, items, records, choices, bonds, advances, and prospects. It very well may be more straightforward to list what Saxo doesn’t offer.
  • Saxo Capital Markets is controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #551422) which is one of the super administrative organizations in the UK and is profoundly respected worldwide for being severe in guaranteeing that market rehearses are reasonable for the two people and organizations. Basically, being directed by a legitimate, government-upheld organization goes far towards setting up the validity of a firm. Merchants acknowledge the danger that is innate in business sectors however they would like the genuine serenity realizing that their assets are not expose to hazards outside of the ones that they are taking, for example, counter-party hazard. Moreover, isolated customer reserves are held at Tier 1 banks.
  • Saxo’s devotion to giving customers first class research is to be praised. It is the best quality level in the online forex financier field.
  • Saxo constructed its exchanging stages, SaxoTraderPRO (download) and SaxoTraderGO (online), with the end client (merchant) at the top of the priority list, giving significant overhauls over the business standard MT4 and contender contributions. Besides, consistent reconciliation with outsider instruments opens up a heap of opportunities for a high level dealer.
  • Saxo offers “negative equilibrium assurance” which has turned into a genuinely significant component that most web-based intermediaries are offering nowadays. The impetus was no doubt the SNB occasion of January 15, 2015 that bothered the business sectors, particularly the profoundly utilized retail FX market.

Cons Explained

  • The absence of accentuation on client support is the greatest disadvantage to Saxo Capital Markets’ internet based business offering. Having the option to promptly contact an agent is pivotal for anybody occupied with the field of web based exchanging. Its site has no live visit usefulness and online talk is simply accessible to subsidized records. “Visit bot” usefulness is accessible yet Saxo may be in an ideal situation on the off chance that it was not. Forthcoming customers for the most part try out a representative’s contributions through a demo account, and not approaching live visit is a glaring exclusion.
  • A befuddling cluster of expense plans and secret costs make it hard to appraise primary concern costs. Commission and spread revelations are regularly problematic, with various costs cited for comparative or indistinguishable instruments and scenes.
  • Saxo Capital Markets doesn’t acknowledge U.S. customers because of administrative imperatives, which blocks it from really being thought of as a worldwide specialist, however one would be unable to track down one more merchant with a bigger worldwide impression This would be a warning were it not for the way that the organization is managed by the FCA which, alongside U.S. administrative offices (NFA, CFTC), is broadly viewed as the transcendent administrative body.
  • MT4, the always present, white-named interface that is essential for virtually every forex intermediary’s foundation suite, isn’t presented by Saxo Capital Markets.


Saxo Capital Markets’ exchanging costs are either remembered for the spread, which is principally how the merchant produces income, or added as commissions, which are comparable to industry guidelines. Its forex bid/ask spread essentials for a “exemplary” account are publicized at 0.6 pips. Normal spreads drop while benefits ascend for the higher-layered “platinum” and “celebrity” accounts, offering the potential for generous dynamic merchant limits, however the £200,000 least to overhaul levels will go about as an obstruction to the normal retail customer. Commission charges added to the recorded spread become possibly the most important factor when exchanging different instruments.

Short-term holding costs are normal to cutthroat and there is a dormancy charge of £25/quarter if the customer “just holds cash assets” in their record. There are a large group of different expenses, extensively described as “general charges,” which, when consolidated, will more often than not be very grave to the normal retail dealer. Notwithstanding, account holders will see the value in free withdrawals.

Various charges and expenses among CFDs, contracts, and direct deals of indistinguishable instruments are inadequately clarified, adding to an absence of straightforwardness obvious all through the site and in the exchanging stages. It is not necessarily the case that Saxo is purposely attempting to be deluding, only that the sheer intricacy of expenses related with everything that could be been very inconvenient to clarify for anybody. All things considered, Saxo Capital Markets puts forth a valiant effort to be just about as straightforward as could really be expected.

Documentation for different areas that Saxo Capital Markets works in was frequently problematic to what exactly was recorded on the U.K. site, illustrating clashing charges (even in the wake of figuring in cash transformations) and exchanging conditions for indistinguishable items and position sizes. It is additionally barely noticeable fine print that includes a different extra charge little exchanges, raising the potential for disarray.

Exchange Experience

Saxo’s UI is restrictive. The dealer constructed its exchanging stages, SaxoTraderPRO (download) and SaxoTraderGO (electronic), with the end client (broker) as a main priority, giving significant redesigns over the business standard MT4, which must be gotten to through an API interface, and the more up to date cTrader. Besides, consistent combination with outsider instruments opens up a horde of opportunities for a high level dealer.

SaxoTraderPRO is a completely adaptable work area interface that can be downloaded on Windows and Mac working frameworks. The client has the choice of using up to six screens to exploit the high level work area the executives that this stage brings to the table. Multi-channel connecting among modules and a powerful diagramming bundle with “an exhaustive set-up of comments, drawing apparatuses and more than 50 specialized pointers” can significantly help the merchant in their examination. Request tickets are designed to advance usefulness while showing all relevant data. Moreover, algorithmic exchanging requests can be completely coordinated upon actuation. Membership based devices, for example, “profundity of market” and “time and deals” information, are accessible and can end up being esteem added highlights.

SaxoTraderGO doesn’t offer every one of the fancy odds and ends that SaxoTraderPRO does, however is similarly amazing. The fundamental benefit it has over its “older sibling” is that it’s undeniably more available. Customization is restricted yet that doesn’t hamper its usefulness. This online form permits association of diagrams, news, examination, and watchlists as indicated by dealer determinations. Outlining and specialized markers are full-included, with custom using time effectively and connecting among stage windows. A noteworthy assortment of market and forthcoming orders conveniently beats the opposition and supports Saxo’s obligation to drawing in the high level merchant.

The two stages’ organization ticket has five fundamental request types with the choice of appending “take benefit” or potentially “stop misfortune” orders to them. Moreover, the dealer can decide to make the stop misfortune request a following stop misfortune or a stop-limit. The one oversight to a generally amazing cluster of request types is the absence of a reliable stop misfortune request. This may deflect the fledgling dealer however a high level merchant would comprehend that ensuring a stop misfortune request challenges market elements. The intermediaries that do offer this component are basically conceding that they will ingest the overabundance misfortunes that can happen in specific economic situations.

  • Market – The easiest request where a broker signals that their exchange solicitation ought to be executed at the common market rate. The stage offers a variation of this called “speedy exchange” which permits the merchant to “hit the bid” or “pay the deal” to put an exchange with practically no forthcoming stop misfortune or take benefit joined. This is there to fulfill the merchant’s requirement for speed.
  • Limit – A forthcoming request where the section is at a foreordained point underneath or over the common market rate contingent upon whether it’s a trade. The merchant additionally has the choice of choosing the termination season of this request.
  • Stop – A forthcoming request where the passage is at a foreordained point above or underneath the overall market rate contingent upon whether it’s a trade. The broker additionally has the choice of choosing the termination season of this request.
  • Stop-Limit – A forthcoming request where the passage is at a foreordained point above or underneath the overarching market rate contingent upon whether it’s a trade, however where the broker can choose the resilience range for execution. For instance, assuming the market holes over the chose rate and the resilience span then this request is promptly dropped. The merchant additionally has the choice of choosing the lapse season of this request.
  • OCO – A couple of forthcoming orders (one a section stop and the other a passage limit) where the execution of one naturally drops the other. The dealer additionally has the choice of choosing the termination season of this request.

SaxoTraderGo applications for iOS, Android, and tablets give simple admittance to the amazing elements on the work area and web adaptations, with full adjusting across stages. The pointer list is more limited however thorough, and merchants can peruse ongoing news and exploration with a couple of swipes. The applications give unique finger impression ID passage, however this valuable element isn’t important for a two-¬tier validation process.

A central issue to repeat is that MT4, the always present, white-named interface that is important for practically every forex dealer’s foundation suite, isn’t presented by Saxo Capital Markets.

Furthermore, Saxo offers customers the choice to assemble customized applications through APIs, the two its own OpenAPI and outsider API (Excel, and so on), that can get to Saxo’s information takes care of. On top of this, customers can likewise get to outsider applications, like TradingView, Dynamic Trend, and MultiCharts, to help them in their exchanging. For instance, MultiCharts permits merchants to back-test procedures while TradingView promotes itself as a social exchanging stage. Saxo doesn’t offer nearby VPS facilitating.

Scope of Offerings

Saxo Capital Markets offers customers admittance to a broad list, involved both utilized and venture items, that traverses a huge number of resource classes. It very well may be more straightforward to list what Saxo doesn’t offer. As promoted on its U.K. what’s more global sites, the accessible instruments include:

  • 182 FX spot sets
  • 140 FX advances
  • 44 FX vanilla choices
  • 200+ prospects contracts
  • 19,000+ stocks (36 overall trades)
  • 1,200+ recorded choices (24 trades)
  • 9,000+ CFDs
  • 19 product CFDs
  • 5,000+ securities (government and corporate)
  • 3,000+ ETFs (30+ trades)
  • Overseen portfolios
  • 250+ shared assets (non-U.K. Worldwide records)
  • Digital money ETNs (non-U.K. Worldwide records)

Many instruments can be exchanged through various settings and request steering procedures, giving amazing variety, however a few scenes will create higher-than normal expenses. Regardless, the item suite is very noteworthy and makes certain to satisfy a worldwide business sectors devotee.

Client care

Assuming there is a defect in Saxo Capital Markets’ web-based financier offering it would need to be with its client assistance. The site has no live talk usefulness. Online talk is inserted inside the exchanging stages however simply accessible to subsidized records and neighborhood language support is restricted to higher-account levels. “Visit bot” usefulness is accessible however Saxo may be in an ideal situation assuming it was not. The agent is dynamic on Twitter and Facebook, yet it handles no assistance requests through those web-based media interfaces.

Planned customers normally try out an agent’s contribution by means of a demo account, and not approaching live visit is a glaring oversight. This powers forthcoming customers to contact the outreach group by telephone or email. The specialist offers a vigorous help page with various themes, however the hunt capacity could be more proficient. Saxo publicizes industry-standard 24/5 client assistance, yet the contact page incorporates office gathering and marketing projections, yet no nearby or complementary help number, while the important part shows that divisions are open between 9:00 a.m. furthermore 5:30 p.m. neighborhood time. There is likewise no immediate number to the managing work area.


Instructive materials center principally around stage and item instructional exercises and starting inclusion of crucial and specialized investigation themes with not many ability building assets. However at that point once more, that fits with what has all the earmarks of being Saxo’s implicit objective of drawing in cutting edge, all around subsidized brokers. There is no glossary, essentially in the generally acknowledged meaning of that term, adding one more obstruction for lower-talented merchants. There is, nonetheless, a FAQ page that is practically sufficient.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio investigation including execution information, hazard appraisal, and portfolio breakdowns are accessible across Saxo’s foundation as a whole. The stage announcing suite permits customers to send out all verifiable position, exchange, and execution information in PDF or Excel design. This announcing usefulness offers the chance to merge property in an outer accounting page or outsider revealing programming.

Exchange tickets incorporate such important data as edge prerequisites and permit the client to choose the unit (percent, pips, value, worth) to set stop misfortune and take benefit orders. All information is progressively so the merchant can settle on an educated choice.

Saxo Capital Markets offers admittance to outsider portfolio apparatuses (eXimius), and outer expense announcing and recover administrations can be mentioned from outsider supplier GlobeTax. All customers approach a far reaching detailing suite straightforwardly in the exchanging stages. The gave reports work with charge revealing by showing execution, benefit, profit, interest pay, and expense information in both PDF and Excel design.

Research Amenities

Saxo Capital Markets’ devotion to giving customers a plenty of ideal and enlightening examination is to be lauded. Admittance to this segment alone may allure a genuine merchant to open a live record with this specialist. Research materials can be gotten to through the site or straightforwardly through the stages. Saxo has an amazing list of in-house examiners who give normal market updates, evaluations, and opportune analysis.

Different ongoing, web based news administrations (Dow Jones Global News, NewsEdge Equities, NewsEdge Macro, Ransquawk), an assortment of market reports in changing time designs, exchanging thought generators (Trade Signals via Autochartist and exchange thoughts from Sales Traders and SaxoStrats), and admittance to expert rating reports (TipRanks), ought to fulfill even the most prepared merchant.

Fundamentally, any examination that a customer would need to settle on an educated exchanging choice is possible presented by Saxo Capital Markets.


Saxo Capital Markets views security in a serious way and is authorized by numerous locales all over the planet. Full permitting data can be viewed as here.

Saxo additionally finds a way ways to guarantee that customer reserves are not mixed together with corporate assets, as per the U.K. Monetary Conduct Authority’s (FCA) customer cash rules. This guarantees that customer resources are ensured in the impossible occasion that Saxo becomes ruined by holding those assets in isolated records at managed banks. Customers likewise have extra resource security through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £85,000.

Saxo gives customers an assurance that they won’t ever lose more than they have in their records through the negative equilibrium insurance decides commanded under ESMA that became real in 2018. Be that as it may, ensured stop-misfortune security isn’t accessible, presenting records to possibly calamitous misfortunes in outrageous economic situations, similar to the 2015 Swiss franc cash shock.

Saxo’s product security is lined up with the best that the business brings to the table. Notwithstanding two-factor and bio-metric validation, the client will be logged out of both the online and portable applications in the event that they are not being utilized for a client indicated timeframe.

Web revelations incorporate organization techniques to guarantee the most ideal executions, supported by a wide scope of direct market access (DMA), collected, and in-house liquidity suppliers.


Saxo Capital Markets offers a superb choice for cutting edge merchants and experts with very much subsidized records. Broad and exhaustive examination offices, an API interface, and limited expenses (high-level records) could add to account benefit, however merchant training misses the mark and client support is unsatisfactory. Saxo’s methodology drives one to presume that its business goals are centered decisively around bigger scope and expert record holders.

A befuddling cluster of charge plans and secret costs make it hard to assess primary concern costs. Commission and spread exposures are regularly disconnected, with various costs cited for comparable or indistinguishable instruments and scenes.

There is a sure egotism to Saxo’s methodology that may be advocated given their history, however can be disconcerting to a beginner merchant looking for admittance to its administration. Little and lower-gifted brokers can find more ideal arrangements somewhere else because of Saxo’s extra charges for little exchanges, barely any instructive assets, generally high record essentials, restricted help choices, and higher-than-normal main concern exchanging costs.

Notwithstanding, for a refined, very much subsidized market proficient, Saxo’s broad item list, progressed UIs, and predominant exploration contributions would be very alluring.

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