Forex Brokers: XTB Online Trading Review

Established in 2002 as Poland’s initially utilized unfamiliar trade financier house, X-Trade transformed into X-Trade Brokers in 2004 to conform to new Polish guidelines. It then rebranded to its present manifestation, XTB Online Trading (XTB), in 2009 and opened up to the world, posting on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2016 under the ticker image XTB.

XTB has been consistently making advances into the exceptionally serious and steadily changing internet based business scene and presently gives admittance to an assortment of business sectors, for example, forex, shares, lists, metals, items and even digital currencies. The organization is controlled in the U.K. what’s more enrolled with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #522157) just as the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF). In the same way as other forex specialists, XTB doesn’t acknowledge U.S. dealers.

XTB’s leader stage is an electronic contribution named “xStation 5.” This, combined with the omnipresent MT4 (downloadable) stage and a utilitarian portable application, involves XTB’s whole web based proposing to the customer. While subordinate expenses were comparable to industry guidelines, XTB’s reliably lower spreads were difficult to overlook as they obviously isolated it from the opposition. Investopedia’s positioning calculation considered this in while perceiving XTB’s enticement for cost-cognizant dealers.

Key Takeaways

  • Appraised our Best Forex Broker for Low Costs.
  • XTB gives admittance to an assortment of business sectors, for example, forex, shares, records, metals, products, and even digital forms of money.
  • XTB offers most extreme influence of up to 500:1 for non-U.K. accounts, while U.K. accounts get up to 30:1 influence.

Who XTB Online Trading (XTB) Is For

XTB is a strong decision for brokers that need to limit their expenses, regardless of whether it be the intrinsic expense of putting an exchange (bid/ask spread) or not being troubled with superfluous expenses, for example, wire charges. XTB offers greatest influence of up to 500:1 for non-U.K. accounts while U.K. accounts get up to 30:1 influence. The firm places an accentuation on client service and offers important instructive apparatuses and exploration conveniences that would be appropriate to a fledgling merchant. This organization is positioned as the champ of Investopedia’s Best Forex Broker for Low Costs.


  • Least FX spreads
  • Managed by FCA (U.K.)
  • Offers security for customer accounts
  • Accentuation on client care


  • Doesn’t acknowledge U.S. customers
  • Non-FX spread expenses are high
  • No reliable stop misfortune
  • No back-testing or computerized exchanging capacities

Geniuses Explained

  • XTB publicizes least FX spreads of 0.5, and no commission, for “Standard” accounts, and 0.1, with commission, for “Master” accounts. This is, by a wide margin, the best in the retail FX financier space.
  • XTB Online Trading (XTB) is directed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #522157) which is one of the vitally administrative organizations in the U.K. what’s more is profoundly respected universally for being severe in guaranteeing that market rehearses are reasonable for the two people and organizations. Basically, being managed by a trustworthy government-upheld office goes quite far towards setting up the validity of a firm. Brokers acknowledge the danger that is inborn in business sectors yet they would like the genuine serenity realizing that their assets are not expose to hazards outside of the ones that they are taking, for example, counter-party hazard.
  • XTB offers “negative equilibrium insurance” which has turned into a genuinely significant component that most web-based representatives are offering nowadays. The impetus was in all likelihood the SNB occasion of January 15, 2015 that annoyed the business sectors, particularly the exceptionally utilized retail FX market.
  • XTB places an accentuation on client care which incorporates 24/5 phone support with a committed record administrator and live visit office. Having the option to promptly contact an intermediary is pivotal for anybody occupied with the field of internet exchanging.

Cons Explained

  • XTB doesn’t acknowledge U.S. customers because of administrative imperatives, which blocks it from really being viewed as a worldwide representative. This would be a warning were it not for the way that the organization is managed by the FCA which, alongside U.S. administrative offices (NFA, CFTC), is broadly viewed as the superior administrative body.
  • XTB charges commissions for both digital money (Pro) and stock CFD (Standard and Pro) exchanges, and these are not as favorable to the customer.
  • XTB doesn’t offer ensured stop misfortunes (GSLO) making it one of only a handful of exceptional conspicuous forex dealers not to do as such. GSLOs shield the merchant from market hole hazard and many dealers will offer it (for an extra charge) and acknowledge the actual danger.
  • XTB’s xStation 5 isn’t outfitted with back-testing or computerized exchanging capacities, leaving MT4 as the main option for algorithmic dealers.


The entirety of XTB’s charge and cost structure is serious inside the online forex business field. What separates XTB is its promoted least FX spreads for the distinctive record structures. XTB’s “Standard” account statements a base spread of 0.5, while its “Professional” account offers a base spread of 0.1. There is, nonetheless, a commission of $3.50/parcel added for exchanges on Pro records. In retail FX speech, it is by and large comprehended that one standard part is 100,000 units of the base money, so this would mean a base spread of 0.45, still among the best in the business.

XTB states that “the normal spread on EUR/USD for the last quarter was 0.43 (Pro records) and 1.02 (Standard records).” The 0.43 is the normal spread before commission was added, so the genuine normal EUR/USD spread for Pro records would have been 0.78 which, once more, is among the most incredible in the online forex business industry, if not awesome. XTB charges commissions for digital money (Pro) and stock CFD (Standard and Pro) exchanges, also.

XTB charges a dormancy expense of €10 assuming there is “no opening or shutting of the situation for the Customer inside the most recent 365 days and no money store inside the most recent 90 days.” There are additionally expenses for customer withdrawals of under a predefined sum from their money account, a rate charge for withdrawal to a Mastercard, and rate charges for utilizing online business destinations (Skrill, Neteller, SafetyPay). There are, in any case, no expenses for approaching or active wire moves or for shutting a record.

XTB doesn’t have a base store necessity for clients wishing to open a live record, yet rationale directs that this sum will be dependent upon the edge prerequisites of the littlest exchange size that the client wishes to put. Global customers with high record adjusts are qualified for cashback refunds and welcome rewards while high-volume-exchanging U.K. customers are offered lower spreads.

Exchange Experience

xStation 5, XTB’s custom exchanging application, is a smoothed out exchanging stage that is steady and simple to access from any program (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer). UI is genuinely standard with an effortlessness that improves its allure. It isn’t the most component rich stage, yet its usability some way or another causes it to show up more useful than it really is.

This is the organization’s leader offering and gives a refreshed look and feel, a single tick exchanging, and full combination across work area and portable stages that should work well for dealers. Entering exchanges, building watchlists and adjusting graphs all appear to be straightforward and instinctive. FAQs and instructive assets can likewise be dispatched from inside the exchanging application. Merchants get notices straightforwardly on the stage or portable application.

That being said, there were disadvantages. The capacity to make custom pointers was impossible. Obviously, XTB offers the standard MetaTrader4 stage, which has this and different highlights for dealers currently acquainted with the outsider application.

xStation 5 has three fundamental request types with the choice of joining “take benefit” or potentially “stop misfortune” orders to them. Also, the merchant can decide to make the standard stop misfortune a following stop misfortune before, or later, execution of an exchange.

  • Market – The most straightforward request where a dealer flags that their exchange solicitation ought to be executed at the predominant market rate.
  • Limit – A forthcoming request where the passage is at a foreordained point beneath or over the predominant market rate contingent upon whether it’s a trade. The merchant additionally has the choice of choosing the termination season of this request.
  • Stop – A forthcoming request where the section is at a foreordained point above or underneath the overarching market rate contingent upon whether it’s a trade. The broker likewise has the choice of choosing the lapse season of this request.

The portable variant of xStation 5 incorporates the majority of the usefulness accessible in the work area application, aside from the capacity to set value alarms, which appeared to be an impossible to miss oversight. Dealers can get to XTB’s exchanging instruments, complex request types, account subtleties, and outlining from the Android or iPhone applications. A streaming news source is additionally accessible on the portable application.

XTB doesn’t offer social (or “duplicate”) exchanging, cash director accounts, or a free VPS administration. Nonetheless, there were a couple of one of a kind contributions that might merit another glance by certain brokers. The consideration of “market opinion,” “top movers,” “stock scanner,” and “hotness map” apparatuses is noteworthy.

XTB doesn’t offer instant items for back-testing, however customers can make their own back-testing applications as XTB offers an open API both for MT4 and xStation. XTB utilizes savvy request directing for values and value CFDs. Notwithstanding, XTB doesn’t go about as an immediate individual from any trade as it executes all exchanges through an outsider specialist.

Scope of Offerings

XTB gives admittance to an expansive choice of monetary instruments across a wide scope of various resource classes. The item index incorporates:

  • 48 cash sets
  • More than 20 worldwide files
  • Significant items
  • In excess of 1,500 worldwide stock CFDs
  • 60 ETF and digital money CFDs

Where the scope of contributions misses the mark is the absence of spread wagering instruments. XTB offers greatest influence of up to 500:1 for non-U.K. accounts while U.K. accounts get up to 30:1 influence.

Client support

Nowadays, a web-based intermediary that doesn’t put a high need on tending to the requirements of its client in a proficient and acceptable way might be ill-fated to disappointment. XTB is very much aware of this. Contact choices consider every contingency, with email for customers and planned customers, 24/5 nearby telephone support, and a live talk office. Furthermore, customers are allocated a record chief to help them with important record related issues.

Telephone support is responsive yet the talk experience is somewhat more whimsical. It isn’t exceptional, for instance, for live visit solicitations to be diverted to an email structure all things considered. Eventually, however, useful help is delivered. A telephone number is effectively accessible on xStation 5 and visit backing can be dispatched from the exchanging stage, which is extremely advantageous. Online client assistance is accessible in a few dialects, which improves XTB’s allure for a more extensive customer base. The agent likewise runs satellite workplaces to help authorized tasks in a few locales.


XTB’s instructive contributions are comparable to the business standard. All things considered, it is evident that the firm has distinguished this as fundamentally important. The “courses” are separated into four classes—fundamental, halfway, master, and premium—however clients can just access the initial two through the site. “Premium” courses can be gotten to for nothing on the xStation 5 stage, however one should pursue a record (demo/live). The “master” classification presently can’t seem to be populated.

Each course incorporates both fundamental level recordings and articles. The material doesn’t veer off from the business standard of giving fundamental instruction on forex and CFD markets. Points included: basic and specialized examination, hazard the executives, and macroeconomics. New financial backers will discover some accommodating foundation data, yet depending entirely on XTB’s schooling to become capable in the business sectors is improbable. All things considered, the material covers every one of the significant points that an amateur should have to know.

Outside specialists are likewise utilized for a couple of cutting edge themes and technique refreshes, primarily in the free “premium” supplemental training area. The greater part of the substance is efficient in a comfortable example structure with recordings and tests. XTB’s institute course configuration is aspiring in that it plans to cover material for individuals at various phases of the exchanging range, yet as of this survey that is as yet a work in progress.

Portfolio Analysis

Setting an exchange on xStation 5 is straightforward and natural. The request ticket is restricted to starting fundamental market and forthcoming orders with arrangements for “stop misfortune” and “take benefit” orders. The broker additionally has the choice of making the stop misfortune a following stop misfortune, should they so want. XTB doesn’t give an exchanging diary nor do they give charge bookkeeping apparatuses on the stage.

The customer picks the exchange size and the request ticket populates with appropriate data, for example, the agreement esteem (in either EUR or GBP), edge required (GBP), spread expense, commission (assuming any), pip worth, and trade costs.

Not at all like a few contenders’ foundation, xStation 5 doesn’t have an implicit instrument for dissecting exchanging action. This exclusion dropped them into the lower-positioning level for this class, as the capacity to dive into one’s exchanging movement past the essential measurements can be priceless to all merchants.

Research Amenities

XTB’s exploration conveniences are above industry standard. Beside a standard financial schedule that is instinctive and filterable, XTB offers a practical news channel that can be sifted by “instrument,” “exchanging signal,” “monetary reports” (major), and “specialized investigation.”

Moreover, there is a market examination tab that is contained filterable “market opinion,” “top movers,” “stock scanner,” and “hotness map” segments. This is, by a long shot, the most noteworthy part of XTB’s logical instrument contributions. Each part is all around planned and incorporates some noteworthy, or basically intriguing, data that can add an incentive for dealers.


  • XTB U.K. is managed by the Financial Conduct Authority under permit number 522157.
  • XTB Europe is managed by CySEC under permit number 169/12 starting at 2018.
  • XTB International is managed by the Belize International Financial Services Commission under permit number IFSC/60/413/TS/19.
  • X-Trade Brokers DM SA is approved by the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission under permit number DDM-M-4021-57-1/2005 and managed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego).
  • XTB Spain is managed by the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores under permit number 40.
  • XTB South Africa is anticipating permit endorsement as of this survey.

XTB offers negative equilibrium security, which is commanded under ESMA decides that became real in 2018, yet no surefire stop misfortune orders (GSLO). XTB doesn’t have two component confirmation (2FA) however offers bio-metric verification for its versatile application, and necessitates that passwords incorporate upper/lower case letters, numbers, and characters. While XTB doesn’t have 2FA for its foundation portable contributions, it offers 2FA for key customer office cycles, for example, individual or bank information changes.


XTB Online Trading (XTB) offers potential customers a large number of the apparatuses that are should have been fruitful in the internet exchanging field. What it shows improvement over any other individual is offering customers the least forex spread expense in the business. The expenses (spread + commissions) for the other item contributions are more in accordance with the business. xStation 5, while restricted, is instinctive and utilitarian, and certain elements, for example, the instrument scanner and hotness map, increase its enticement for a broker.

Being FCA directed loans believability while negative equilibrium insurance gives customers inner serenity. Client care is somewhat better than expected and the instruction list is satisfactory. MT4 offers “master counselors,” back-testing, and auto-exchanging for the more mechanically progressed dealer. In general, XTB Online Trading (XTB) is most appropriate for cost cognizant customers wishing to take part in exchanging the retail unfamiliar trade markets.

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