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Ages ago I went over an awesome book by G. Altshuller “Track down an Idea”. The embodiment of the book was that specialized frameworks, and, as it turned out later, organic, social and business frameworks create as per similar laws. Knowing these laws, one can without much of a stretch settle complex specialized (creative) issues that at first appear to be insoluble. This was my first perused book on innovation, on The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ), which drastically changed my comprehension of imagination and the quest for groundbreaking thoughts.

Afterward, there were different books on TRIZ, no less interesting, which permitted the writer of the article to recharge his insight base with an astonishing hypothesis that permits him to check out issues from a marginally unique point.

What spellbound the writer of the article in TRIZ? Above all else, the magnificence and polish of arrangements that from the get go appeared to be outlandish …

One of the unfamiliar firms creating blades for stripping potatoes started to encounter hardships in advertising its items. The blades were made of solid steel, were wonderful, with an agreeable plastic handle, and immediately acquired prominence. In any case, following a couple of years, request fell forcefully: the blades didn’t break, they crushed gradually – housewives needn’t bother with a subsequent blade.

The organization, not having any desire to endure misfortunes, gone to experts to take care of non-standard business issues: how to expand the interest for these blades without decreasing their top notch and without exceptional publicizing costs?

A thought was proposed to create blades with a handle to match the shade of potato peelings and blades started to fall all the more frequently into garbage bins.

Yu.P. Salamatov. How would you turn into a designer? Moscow, “Schooling”, 1990

Edison got a kick out of the chance to give “interesting” specialized issues to recruited representatives, particularly scholars. … When he welcomed the mathematician Upton to his research facility and requested him to desperately ascertain the volume from a light bulb. Upton tinkered with estimations and complex computations for over 60 minutes, adapted to the errand and gladly gave the sheet with the appropriate response.

Then, at that point, Edison, in almost no time, exhibited to the stunned mathematician the most straightforward (and more precise) method of estimating a light bulb.

Yu.P. Salamatov. How would you turn into a designer? Moscow, “Instruction”, 1990

In this manner, when one finds out about “Conceptualizing (or assault)” when taking care of a specific business issue – as one of the strategies for creating thoughts (developed by the American A. Osborne over 50 years prior), one automatically reviews assignments that are conceptualizing don’t dare. Such issues are called creative.

Is the hypothesis pertinent to business? Obviously, in light of the fact that business in its quintessence is a chain of issues and assignments that should be handily and reliably settled. Be that as it may, indeed, this information is pertinent while producing thoughts. Business thoughts, the execution of which can bring huge profits.

In the creator’s viewpoint, it is least demanding to produce business thoughts for the food business. Quite a while prior, in one of his articles, the writer, on his own drive, examined the chance of fostering the results of the Sibirskiy Bereg organization (nibble creation).

Here are a few passages from the article:

“Having vanquished a critical area of the tidbit market, it’s anything but a transgression to target something different, on the off chance that not huge scope, unique. For instance? Assuming it is, obviously, innovatively conceivable, the inquiry is just for organoleptic properties and the shopper, obviously.

Without a doubt, you can think of something different: “Kirieshki for granddads and grandmas”, making the items substantially less in thickness, and so on For what reason should the bread garnishes be bacon or salmon seasoned? What forestalls under the advanced brand from creating “just” delightful sweet rusks, cut in a bigger arrangement? Or on the other hand coarsely hacked unleavened rusks “to the stock” and sell it through an all around made and working deals organization?

In light of one of the laws of improvement of “mono-bi-poly” frameworks, it very well may be accepted that eventually “bi” and “poly” bundling will show up. What do we get? Family Kirieshki! Perfectly bundled 4-6 bundles of the completed result of fluctuating flavors in brilliant cardboard bundling.

In addition, to do this, nobody million-dollar speculation is required. Another inquiry is how the customer will see these advancements and how might the market respond? It appears to be typical to me, however to you? “

As may be obvious, there are four thoughts in a couple of lines and this is a long way from the cutoff, and some of them have as of now been carried out.

For instance, “delicate bread garnishes” (Bombasters).

Item portrayal from the site “Siberian Coast”:

The item is uniquely intended for the most youthful buyers from 7 to 12 years of age. At this age, kids are extremely dynamic and lively, they attempt practically every one of the new items that show up available, so the experts of the Sibirskiy Bereg organization expect a speedy advancement of the item.

Contrasted with conventional ones, air bread garnishes enjoy huge benefits: they are gentler, don’t harm teeth, for all intents and purposes don’t disintegrate, don’t cause thirst, and contrasted with corn expulsion items (corn sticks), air wafers have a more extraordinary, articulated taste and don’t adhere to teeth. …

The state of the new item takes after developed “kirieshki”, which, according to buyers, is an extra benefit of air wafers, and will assist the new item with acquiring a spot available.

Vaporous unsweetened saltines can be a speedy nibble anyplace and wherever in your extra time, they work out in a good way for any beverages, yet they can be eaten without drinking, they don’t cause thirst.

Today there are 4 kinds of Bombaster wafers (mushroom, cheddar, salami, grill). Later on, it is conceivable that there will be more preferences – the new item is planned for youngsters, and kids love it when there are many preferences.

“Bombaster” – light vaporous bread garnishes that can rapidly and delectable fulfill hunger, yet in addition give pleasure to you and your companions (enough for everybody) and, potentially, get a wonderful assumption for a shock, or possibly the unexpected itself.

It just so happens, the actual thought is in fact executed, just in an alternate translation. Sibirskiy Bereg advertisers have chosen to enter the “kids’ section” and which is all well and good. You can’t procure much on grandparents. Valid, it isn’t clear why the “bouillon rendition” of wafers has not been carried out. All things considered, it tends to be situated as “bouillon bread garnishes” for everybody!

The creator, by an evil deed, needed to help out the Sibirskiy Bereg organization, however in the correspondence with the organization he was educated that all these thoughts have for some time been in the “advancement plans” of the undertaking, yet they guaranteed a case of Kirieshekas as a gift.

On an order from Novosibirsk, they called from the Rostov delegate office, recorded my street number, however the crate was rarely conveyed. Obviously the house was not found.

Notwithstanding, while carrying out other business thoughts, there are likewise disappointments. For instance, at the Mikoyan meat-pressing plant there is a studio where hotdog is delivered for Russian Muslims. A year prior, Mikoyan chose to exploit the quick spread of Islamic practices in the nation and started to deliver halal items (halal – allowed) – made as per the necessities of Sharia. A different studio was required so that, as per similar guidelines, the development of halal frankfurter didn’t have anything to do with the creation of wiener for the “heathens”. Agents of the Council of Muftis of Russia were welcome to direct the interaction, and they started to give a testament to the plant for each clump of completed items. The bundles of wieners (five assortments altogether) were set apart with a halal identification, and Mikoyan’s vendors in Moscow, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Stavropol started to advance the curiosities. Be that as it may, the assumptions for Mikoyan advertisers didn’t work out as expected. The interest for halal wieners ended up being low, and presently their reach has been diminished to three names.

At the Mikoyanovsk plant, they are presently hesitant to recollect this task and decline to share information on the elements of deals (“Secret Firmy” magazine No. 34).

Another, more excessive thought:

The laborers of a Romanian industrial facility chose to take care of the obligations of their endeavor and along these lines save it from chapter 11 with the assistance of the returns from the gift of sperm. This gallant endeavor was fruitless and come to the rundown of the most ineffective business thoughts.

The patrons of the Romanian vehicle plant ARO Campulung have picked an interesting method for aiding their organization take care of its obligation of about $ 20 million and consequently keep their positions. They figured they could collect sufficient cash for this by becoming sperm benefactors. The thought came to association pioneers subsequent to watching a TV spot about a preparation center where every sperm giver was presented about $ 50 for each strategy. To gather the necessary sum, every specialist in the plant needed to give sperm multiple times. Be that as it may, this endeavor bombed wretchedly, and sooner rather than later 1,000 representatives will be terminated.

The models given are exceptional cases. Disappointment, similar to best of luck, is a vital piece of the life of a business venture, yet additionally of every one of us. What’s more if some thought “didn’t go” this isn’t motivation to stop.

I trust that nobody will deny the way that groundbreaking thoughts are sought after by business. Something else is with their executions. Things are a lot of more terrible here.

To begin with, they don’t have a clue how to carry out, for example perform predictable activities that lead to a positive outcome.

Besides, by and large there isn’t sufficient assets. In addition, regardless of how much the venture costs are assessed, there is as yet insufficient cash!

There isn’t sufficient cash and there is nobody to take. Monetary and credit associations show sound sober mindedness and don’t face challenges, and there are not such countless private financial backers. How to be? A run of the mill imaginative issue …

Indeed, we should not discuss dismal things and consider a few business thoughts executed by our countrymen, both in Moscow and in Rostov-on-Don and not just. We should begin with biotechnology.

The Moscow organization “Universe of Butterflies” offers a wide scope of tropical butterflies from Africa, Southeast Asia, America, and Southern Europe available to be purchased. Additionally, she sells, yet additionally breeds them. Isn’t it a unique business thought? Who can fail to remember such a gift as a light show of live butterflies? No one! Despite the fact that, assuming you take a gander at it … the gift is, obviously, unique, costly (from $ 35 to $ 90 for each thing) and totally futile.

Also what might be said about the stocking of supplies to put together fishing? What number of such lakes are there in the Rostov district? In the space of the Temernitsky state ranch, there are just two. The circumstance is comparable in the western microdistrict. As may be obvious, they lease land, yet additionally the option to fish in a fishing place!

How would you like another no less extraordinary business thought – developing honey bees for resulting deal abroad? I like it, yet as per its tastefulness, according to the creator, the business thought of the Cherkessian plant LLC “Mercury” is leading the pack. Recall the plastic attachment from the vodka into which two charged bits of metal were embedded? What’s more the vodka streamed between them …

Everybody gets that, on a fundamental level, nothing remarkable occurred, yet the promoting ploy, in the creator’s viewpoint, is brilliant: undetectable attractive meridians give a popular item another property … Furthermore maybe taste, and maybe something different immaterial. Furthermore the “elusive” consistently costs more. It is so? Here is an extra added an incentive for the thought and its reasonable execution.

I additionally recall one more business thought effectively executed by Rostov business visionaries. Creation of a solution for cockroaches with the startling name “Koba”. The business thought is unbelievably straightforward. It was important to observe an item requested by the market and … simply get it together!

Also such an item was found – a solution for cockroaches. Also, there were no issues with bundling. A glass container of the Azov Baby Food Plant was very appropriate for this. Also the name? Koba !!! Also what might be said about the drawing on the name? A luxurious cockroach with a line and boots. Also do whatever it takes not to accept that all cockroaches won’t die!

Also what number of new business thoughts did the advancement of IT advances bring into our lives? This is web based business, installment for administrations with SM S-messages, and substantially more. Along these lines, we can say with certainty that a Russian business person is as yet buzzing with a thought, and a decent business thought, as you probably are aware, creates a gain. Or then again rather … ought to bring.

What’s more now, I might want to harp on the business thoughts that are hanging tight for their Rostov business legends. How about we start with vegetable oil. Everybody realizes that one of the spaces of business that has been effectively creating since the finish of the 80s of the last thousand years is the development of vegetable oil. How about we investigate how the actual item has changed.

At first it was the most standard “crude” oil, then, at that point, refined, then, at that point, aerated, frozen vegetable oil showed up. What’s next?

In the creator’s viewpoint, the following item is vegetable oil with fragrance added substances, which provides the oil with the smell of dill, grill, garlic or different flavors.

Obviously, these will be new items in bundling of close to 0.2-0.4 liters and they will possess an irrelevant portion of the overall industry, yet they will bring minor benefit, substantially more than simply vegetable oil. There are no such oils yet, however they will show up on the racks in the following year or a long time.

Also, different sorts of transformation will occur with the bundling of vegetable oil. The shape, volume, and plug will likewise change (critical changes anticipate it, for instance, the dosing stopper).

Then, at that point, you can proceed, say, with the kickoff of a men’s beautician in Rostov-on-Don, wherein female experts work topless. How long will the line be?

The creator has recorded business thoughts that poor person been carried out right now, yet you can recollect since a long time ago failed to remember ones. Association of crafted by a vegetable store, for instance. Everybody realizes that albeit the Rostov area is considered farming in our country, not such countless canned items are created. This is expected, above all else, to the unrefined substance base and to the absence of the chance of long haul stockpiling of specific vegetables and organic products with the end goal of additional handling.

In the creator’s perspective, sooner rather than later, critical assets will be put resources into the development of refrigeration chambers (+ 2-5 ° C) for putting away vegetables and organic products. They will be leased or utilized for their own necessities. For what reason is this business not creating right now? Great inquiry! At present, an intriguing circumstance has ended up: “enormous” business isn’t keen on this line of business as a result of “scale”, and “little” needs more assets to execute it.

In any case, I might want to trust that the business thoughts both recorded in the article and totally new ones will observe their commendable application in our district and will be executed soon.

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